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Free Webinars

The Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) hosts a free webinar series on the third Tuesday of every month. This series is made possible by a partnership with Family Tree Webinars. To register for an upcoming webinar, go to Family Tree Webinars and browse through their upcoming webinars and register. You will then receive an e-mail reminder and a link to join the webinar on the stated date and time.

Once a webinar has aired, you may still view it for free at Family Tree Webinars up to one week afterwards. After the one week, the webinar will be available for rent or purchase at BCG’s website.  These webinars are a great way to receive high quality education on a wide variety of topics related to genealogy.

Last night, Rick Sayre did a great job presenting BCG’s latest webinar “The Genealogy in Government Documents.” This is such a rich topic. Government documents contain so much information and there just might be something about your ancestor. Explore this talk and this resource to make sure you are not missing valuable data to further your research.

And speaking of BCG webinars, I have a webinar that was published in 2015, “Truth or Fiction: Unraveling a Family Yarn.” This is about my husband’s Chicago Irish immigrant ancestor, George Teeling. It is a learning adventure where I research a family story to discover what truly happened in George’s life.

Enjoy these new learning opportunities!


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