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New Webinars About German Research

The last week has been very busy and exciting for me. My webinar “So You’ve Found Your German Town of Origin, Now What” was released last Friday, April 12, 2019, as a bonus for subscribers of Legacy Family Tree Webinars. This week I did a live presentation of “Boost Your German Research: Understand Historical Jurisdictions,”… Continue reading New Webinars About German Research

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Württemberg Church Records on Ancestry

In a prior post, I talked about accessing German church records on Ancestry. In this post, I want to talk specifically about the Lutheran records for the historic region of Württemberg. The collection that I will be talking about does not include records for historic Baden. These two regions joined in 1952, along with some… Continue reading Württemberg Church Records on Ancestry

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Finding German Church Records

The third session of my Newberry class “Discover Your German Ancestors’ Origins,” focused on finding German church records. Why are church records so important, you might ask? Church records are the main category of records that document our German ancestors’ vital events. Depending on the specific town, these records may date to the 1500s. Civil… Continue reading Finding German Church Records